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  • Cleanstant Store - Suresh Arumugam

    Suresh Arumugam

    The Brass Tip serves it purpose perfectly as it does not burn or darken the vilakku (oil lamp) tip. Mom loves it as it reduces the amount of washing of the lamp

  • Cleanstant Store - Huganeswaran Veerasagram

    Huganeswaran Veerasagram

    I've used it with aluminium foil to protect my velakku and polishing done by Cleanstant Metal Polishing, but these brass tips made that easier..

  • Cleanstant Store - Omana Raman

    Omana Raman

    Recently bought 3pcs of brass tip from Cleanstant. Good products & easy to use for Pooja vilakku. I highly recommend this product.

  • Cleanstant Store - Kuhan


    My grandma is very happy. The Brass Tip saves oil consumption too from her observation.

  • Cleanstant Store - Gowri Supramaniam

    Gowri Supramaniam

    I like it very much. At least my lamps won’t have the ugly dark spots that spoils it. That burn mark doesn’t go away. Tried many other methods to prevent but doesn’t work. Thank you for this product. I think this a great invention 😊

  • Cleanstant Store - Malar


    Conducter my Mami's Thalai Thuvasam. Everyone was impressed looking at The Brass Tips. It was a worthy buy.

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